What we do Best

You know the subject matter—YCC knows how to present it. Regardless of the topic or size, we provide detail-oriented and participant-friendly support services. We have streamlined our procedures to work quickly and efficiently, providing you with the very best ROI. Yes, that’s right—with our expertise, we can help you save money even as we put on a show-stopping event.


YCC has managed more than 300 conferences ranging in size from 100–2,000 participants in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. We are well-versed in reaching across geographical and cultural divides to create a welcoming space for everyone. We work with organizations that have members all around the world and we’re familiar with navigating the particular challenges of a global event.

Marketing & Outreach

· Online registration
· Online abstract submission and review tool
· Speaker coordination
· Mobile app customization
· Social networking before, during, and after the conference
· Conference marketing

Pre-Conference Planning

· Conference plan and timetable
· Budget preparation and monitoring
· Financial management and break-even analysis
· Site selection and contract negotiation
· Agenda development

On-Site Coordination

· On-site management
· A/V coordination
· On-site internet coordination
· Exhibition marketing and management
· Community service projects